Commercial Incentives for Agencies

With our commercial incentive, we reward the company as a whole for the business you generate for us. This reward is in addition to the incentives we give to individual agents within your company.

The scheme is simple- we will give you an override based on the revenue your company as a whole generates for us. The incentives are as follows:



Coral Agent - Revenue



Ruby Agent



Pearl Agent - Revenue



Diamond Agent - Revenue

Ruby, Pearl and Diamond Agents will also get:

  • Social Media management by Major Travel social media experts
  • Paid for social media spend
    • £5,000/year Diamond agent
    • £2,500/year Pearl agent
    • £1,250/year Ruby agent
  • Free design service for marketing material (3 posters, 6 facebook jpgs per month)
  • Free White-Label Site
  • Business coaching and mentoring from ex-Mckinsey consultant Qasim
  • Guaranteed Fam Trip Invitations
    • 12 places/year Diamond agent
    • 6 places/year Pearl agent
    • 3 places/year Ruby agent
  • Quarterly Training (product, soft skills, sales skills and business development)

Diamond Agent Additional Benefits:

  • HR Strategy Consultancy
  • Management Training & Leadership Development programmes just for managers and team leaders within the company
  • Team Building Events for the staff of the organisation


1. Revenue that is counted towards the targets
a. 100% of revenue for any booking that includes a hotel, multi day tour (min 3 days) or cruise will be counted towards the revenue target.
b. 10% of flight only or ancillary only booking