GDS Emulator

There is no website that gives you the level of detail and information that a GDS can give you. From routing options, number stopovers permitted, cancellation and change penalties to fare families, added options and upgrades, the GDS remains king.

At Major, we have created a GDS emulator that works with all 4 major GDS input commands. Search, hold seats, create PNRs and much more. In fact you can do virtually everything possible on the GDS except issue the ticket!

Your own GDS Terminal and Pseudo City Code

If you want even more control, we can provide you with your own Galileo or Amadeus GDS with your own Pseudo City Code. Like the GDS emulator, you will be able to do virtually anything possible within the GDS with commands, but will also benefit from the various interactive and visual tools that the GDS provides that complement the native command mode.

Fare Distribution and Queing within your own GDS

If you are a tour operator or flight only specialists that already has your own GDS and contracts with airlines but need access to others that you don’t have, we can do the following:

1. Distribute our fares into your GDS so that you can view fares, and create PNRs in the same way as you would on airlines where you have your own contract
2. Queue over any PNRs on airlines where you have used our fares so that we can issue the tickets for you