Major Independent Partners Programme- Launching April 2019

15 March 2019

Major Travel PLC announces the launch of Major Independent Partners. The model is designed for experienced individuals in the travel industry who want to set up their own travel business. Major Independent Partners is not a home working operation, and the programme is specifically designed for driven individuals who want to create a new travel brand that will grow and employ multiple people within 3 years.

Major Travel will provide all the back office infrastructure required by the new businesses joining the programme including technology, website, product, accounts, insurance, legals and licensing. All applicants will undergo a selection process which will require them to demonstrate that their business proposal has the ability to grow over a 5 year period. Applicants that have identified a gap in the market or that want to create a niche offering that is underserved will be given particular preference. Major Travel will even invest up to £50,000 in a business if the idea proposed in exceptionally good.

Once a business is accepted into the programme, they can look forward to an unrivalled offering in the industry. There are no joining fees or ongoing monthly fees to be a Major Independent Partner. Major Travel will treat each partner as an extension of the business' and accordingly will invest time and funds into catering for each business needs. Investment includes, but is not limited to

  • Employing specialist product managers
  • Enhancing existing technology
  • Development of new technology
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Funded social media and online marketing
  • Staff training and development

Full details can be found at

The programme will appeal to those who have worked in the industry for a while and have been mentally planning a new travel business but have not had the courage to set up on their own because of the expense, complexities and risks. Major Independent Partners makes the process easy, relatively risk free and low cost.

Qasim Gulamhusein, Managing Director:

"Major Travel has effectively been running an informal version of the Independent Partner programme for over 15 years. It all began when an individual from the industry and known to Major Travel approached the directors and said he wanted to start a travel business. Major Travel provided the support, infrastructure and even some investment to help the business get of the ground. 15 years later, the business continues to operate under our umbrella and employs 10 people generating a healthy annual profit! Over the same period another 8 business have become Independent Partners having been made aware of the option through informal conversations in the industry.

Although we have never promoted this model of working, we can see how successful it has been and accordingly believe now is the time to help bring more new travel brands into the market and thrive. We don't charge business to join Major Independent Partners or any ongoing fees. This demonstrates our commitment to making these businesses successful as we only benefit if they very profitable."

Mohammed Rashid, Marketing Director:

"I am really excited about the Major Independent Partner model because of the vast amount of expertise I am able to bring to new partners. As Major Travel only works with travel agents, it has been very frustrating for me not to be able to use my knowledge and skills in designing efficient and profitable direct sell marketing campaigns. Over the last 12 months I have been working with some of our travel agents to help them with their social media strategy, SEO effectiveness and PPC efficiency and the results have been profound. With the Independent Partners programme, I am looking forward to propelling the new brands that launch into centre stage at a much faster rate than is possible for a typical start up on travel."